Firstly, I’d like to say that today was downright awesome. And, Thankfully, i didnt screw up as much as i thought i would. So yay 😀 went to meet the gfs to go to the book fair over at the expo. had a hard time searching for gd books. and i settled with one. heee. good buy, good buy. Lols. anyhooooos. had a chitchat session for half an hour before we all went our seperate ways. i met mummy at city hall and we headed to vivo. there, we met auntie lin and ovi. and we started walking all over the place. I had fun. and nt only that, we went to pick up daddy via auntie lin’s car and we headed to spize! long time since i’ve been there, yo. woooo. didnt eat, just had the usual- teh cino. aaaahhh. heaven. after that we went home. Yeah, I’m beat. I’m like half dead. i need to shower and pray. and sleep. getting up at 8 tmr. meeting iddy at 9 to swim. wooo. funstuff. must exercise.

alright. before i just knock off right smack in front of the laptop, i better freshen up and get some ssllleeeeppp


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