time heals all wounds

I wasnt planning to blog at all today. but i missed out an important subject yesterday. haha.

I MET MIMI! hahahhahaa! After EONS la ok. like E-O-N-S. hehehhee. I was treated to Popeyes at the S’pore flyer. hee =) because apparently Mimi forgot to call me that friday night to confirm the outing. then the next morning i msged him, he didnt reply. at about 12, he called. so he paisey la. then blanja me. hehe. The food was interesting. hahaha. i still think that bun is bread and not a biscuit. lol. Mimi laughed at me for bringing alot of plasters. I was wearing pumps. And i guess they’re not seasoned. So they bit my feet like kefnrkeufakwiuehlafiw. like that. lucky for my plasters, or else mimi would have to carry me or i would have to walk bare feet. LOL. After lunch we headed dwn to esplanade library where i did ABIT of chemistry. the rest of the times were spent laughing. showed mimi a video. and he literally rolled on the floor laughing. HAHAHAHA! then after the 4 min video, he said “Wah. *tear tear* can get golden globe la sia. hahahaha” then we explored the wonders of friendster and the internet. We got freaked out. The girl, looked like a MAN. Omg. Like BUTCH. I’m sorry, but hello? internet= public. i swear. she was like the girl from the tamp mall arcade the butch worker. It was freaky la ok! :s Even Mimi was freaked out. Hahhaa. Then after watching the video and looking at the pictures, guess what? MIMI FARTED. So ugly man! seriously la. i was laughing2 like crazy. Then when i was talking abt the movie what happens in vegas, he thought i WENT to vegas. -_- kauz. then he showed me this video of this grandma swearing in english. it was hilarious la! mother fucker became MOTHER-FATHER. Bullshit became BALLSHIT. LOLLOLL funny shitez. and so, after the library we went to get my caramel frappe from mc Cafe. Mimi said i was addicted. Hahhaha. basket. then went to peninsula cos he wanted to collect his shirt. then he sent me to the mrt after which he went off to the bugis library. off i went to aljunied =) yesterday was fun. hahahha

ok. thats all! 😀


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