I feel driven after the Adam Khoo workshop. I hope I’ll stay driven. I’ll prove to some people that these motivational talks DO work. but heck, if they dont want it to work then thats they’re own fucking problem =)

Oh lets see. I learnt alot about myself. about how capable i can really be, if i push myself harder. Sometimes i dont give myself a chance to prove myself that i can do it and i can make it. Our mind is freakishly powerful and it is said (and proven) to affect yr goals. If we say we can, WE CAN. If we fail, there’s no such thing as failure- but learning experiences. from there, we work towards our goal. If we fall, stand up and change our strategies. When we want something, GO GET IT. work for it, be determined to get it, take a chance. and lastly, there’re so many things i have that i take for granted. and that is my mum and dad. all the love they showered me. all the things they provided me with. sometimes i dont even say thank you.

yesterday the whole sec 4 cohort saw me cry. I apologised to my parents. and told them that i do love them a whole lot. and that they’re the best things or people that i could ever ask for. I thank Allah for blessing me with parents like mummy and daddy. And like the champion i was- one out of the 20 thousand cells, i will be the champion that i am. I started it. so i will uphold it.

to those who think that the Adam Khoo workshop….

1) is A scam
3) will never work
4) waste time
5) tries to play with your mind

Either you …

1)ย are Plain overconfident
2) have No feelings
3) think you’ll live forever with money
4) have a sense of negativity
5) dont look on the bright side of life
6) are disturbed
7) are angry at something or someone
8 ) are lonely
9) afraid to show your emotions
10) think you can live forever

I feel sorry for these people. I know, people cant think the way i do and they have their own opinions. But i think you should give some respect to at least their job and what they do. they do this for a living. they WORK odd hours to earn money. unlike most of you who feed from yr own parents money and call it yours. and yah, even if you do think they all are out to trick your mind, find your WEAK spot, preach about positivity and motivation, who are you to say that anyway? the cold hard truth is, Adam Khoo is a millionaire. I bet thats way more than what you all have. So yeah. I think you should at least show some respect to probably a favour that they’re trying to do so anyone and everyone can be a millionaire to. And yeah, sometimes they sound kinda boastful the way they talk. but the thing is, they ARE rich. and its THEIR money they EARN. Maybe they;re not even boasting. Maybe its their job. Maybe they areย SUPPOSED to share their life experiences, be it whether they sound boastful or not. Oh well. its over now. and i cant expect people to just change their minds =.= but in any case, i’m not making a personal attack OR telling people to follow what i say OR insulting other people OR thinking i’m that good and great OR telling people to think like me. I think its the RIGHT thing to do. thats what i think lah. If yall dont think so then ok. stand by yr decision. like how i’m standing by mine.


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