Fathers’ Day


Happy Fathers’ Day! 😀

My Dad is super. I swear. My Dad is 55 years old. He’s regional sales manager in a carpet company. He is diabetic. He plays soccer and he’s a goalkeeper (A VERY good one by the way) He also cycles ALOT and he plays badminton every week. He dresses my ugly disgusting fall injuries and he massages my back when i look or feel tensed. He makes KILLER Milo. And Unlike other Dads out there, my dad cooks. My dad cooks more than my mum. LOL. He cooks for Hari Raya and he makes the bestest marinates for bbq chicken. Indeed, I’m Daddy’s little girl ^^

My Dad rocks and he enjoys listening to all the oldies stuff. thats why i got hooked onto them. AND he loves watching shows with me. Like Bones, Shark, CSI, Criminal Minds etc. He takes me out cycling. Tell me, How can my dad not be cool? So there. I love my rather interesting Dad. to the ends of the earrrtthhhhh.




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