and so. i’m sitting on the chair. ok. only one side of my thighs. it stings, yo! it looks disgusting. and daddy still hasnt put the gauze thingy on the wound. eeewwwwwwwww. sucky sucky. ok. i havent told yall how i fell.

i was on the way home from the park. wanted to turn into a block. i guess i went a tad bit too fast and i didnt brake to slow down. i had to turn to the left to go into the blocks la. so i didnt slow down and just turned. then i fell. my thighs got crazily injured. i stood up myself. haha. but i did saw this ahpek on a bike looking at me. (basket. look only never help. what only.) but nevermind. i was eager to see what was the pain on my thighs was all about. it wasnt tht funny cos it hurt all the way home. i took off my blades upon reaching home and went to the mirror to check out the masterpiece. FOOH! SMACK. so red. so gross. so disgusting. i cooled down. and spend 20 mins in the bathroom cleaning it up using dettol. the first time it hit water, i screamed. LOLLOL. then it sorta got numb. so i dabbed more dettol with my hankerchief. then after all the dettol finished, i showered. it didnt hurt that bad though. it only hurt AFTER the shower. not only that, my menstrual cramps were killing me. but after 4 hrs, i think its not just the cramps. its also the aftermath of the whole fall. my body’s aching real bad. oh well. shit happens. anyhoos. i put some antiseptic wash on the wound and i just sat down. mummy came home and was like “eeeewwww” and she told me to put antiseptic cream- which i did with the help of embak (: then i just sat down there. having cramps. bearing the pain on my thighs. hahahha. ass. and i keep hitting the wound. and it will have some sort of fluid thingy. and its gross. Hahahaha. what to do. i guess i’ll just be staying home tmr. woo.


interesting day today. hahaha. i fell.  I FELL. i havent had this kind of serious injury since i dont know when. lol now i feel like singing “even the best fall down sometimes. ” haha.
ok. i wanna go sleep. better ask daddy to put the gauze thingy on. heeee. goodnight all!


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