‘Interesting photos’

I didnt do any sort of homework. But I am going to start after i shower. hehe.

today. i went to send Gaek bck to Aljunied at 2:30. slacked for 10 mins and left for home. Nenek’s coming home tonight. YAY YAY YAY 😀 got myself a caramel frappe. hehehehe. and headed home. had my lunch, prayed and got ready to blade to pasir ris park. this time, the sun was out. so yeah. i was in the mood. this time i went to both ends of the park. woohooo. met Adi along the way. LOL! so random. i met him when i was on the way to get myself a drink. Mummy called when i was blading. lmao. hhmmmm. then i bladed home. took some pictures of me and my darling skates. wooooooh. today was fun. I’m all tanned xD teehee.

ok so. i DO have some interesting photos. hehehe. wait and see….



its fake la its fake la. looks real. hahaha. we played a prank at bangkok with the thing. we put it on the floor and Babatz recorded people’s reaction. it was so damn fucken hilarious. hahahhhha. if only i could post it on youtube or sth. HAHAHA. anyway. REAL pictures. hehe.



   What to do? My first love =) and i have to say. I look hot here. i know self praise is no praise. but sometimes u gotta say good stuff abt yourself to feel good. i’m confident, and i dont have a low self esteem. so what the hell xD

gots to get ready now. rocks on socks!


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