sotong! sotong!

My laptop’s running on battery. until the battery dies, i shall stay awake and just do something with the laptop. I just took out the dried sotong thingy. shared with daddy. i was hungry. what do you expect. hehehe. now i smell all sotong-ish. eeeewwwww. hahahhaa. so. today was boring. like extremely boring. Vins, Wizzy, Elfa and Ovi came over to my place at around fiveish. didnt do much. and i chatted with Mimi today! hahaha. yay. i only get to talk to him like what? fortnightly? but he says i can msg him. and he said i action cos i never message. LOL. He’s gonna do something for me. hehehehe. Lol. lets call it a friend helping a friend out. (evil laughter) i cant wait for the outcome. woo woo. 48 more hours. thats all. funny shitzxzxzxz. thts all. i’m actually already sleepy. yawn. tmr i wont be asleep till at least 1 am. alrighty. rocks on people (:


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