this wounds wont seem to heal

that post was brief. hahaha. basket. my cousins were at my place. so like cannot type long2. hehehe. so today. basically i went to watch the match at tampines safra. it was a super good match. ahhaa. and i’m a sucker at watching LIVE soccer matches -_- hahaha. bussed home. got the cold shoulder from mummy. then i rested. and accompanied Gaek to exercise downstairs. i wasnt doing anything important anyway. so i went. kinda fun actually. slow walking. spending time with Gaek since he’s staying over at my place. I could smell the after rain smell. all fresh and dewy. just what i needed. mummy has already planned my monday. booooo. i’ll have to cab back to Aljunied and send Embak and Gaek. then i can go back home. then i’ll be at the airport at 10 pm to pick up nenek from T2 😀 happening ah my days xD smack ar. hahahaha. so its 1.30 in the morning i’m  still awake. kak pah and kak bi left my house at 1.15 cos we were talking and talking non stop. hahahha. what to do, girls mah. hehehehe. i’m tired. but what the hell. hahaha. hmmmm. anyway i got more pictures from Auntie Lin’s camera. i’ve already uploaded them into my flickr. so yall can go check it out. that is, if u want to lah. hehe. well I just have this to say. I wanna thank everyone i met today… including the soccer dudes. and some of the soccer dude’s girlfriends. and my juniors. i was kind of an extra down there… hahaa. but i came to support my friends! so that matters. wooohooo! ok. my eyes are failing me. but right now i’m listening to great balls of fire. time to rock and roll baby! yah right. maybe in my dreams. zzzz. hahahaha. cheers to great people i met today and my family, and everyone that matters.

tiara loves you! heeeeee (superhugesmilehere)


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