My 4e2(:

I missed the trip to labrador park  with 4e2 =( and frm the photos it seemed like an uber fun bonding trip. bummer. but anyhoooos, the pictures lightened up my gloomy inner self. hahaha. wow. i sound so demonic and emo-ish. eeeewwww. but yeah. days havent been bright for me. but its these things, these people who matter to me most that paints my dull days. so, if u wanna see what i mean by i love my 4e2, go to http://jeraoctober.wordpress.com its jeramy’s blog. so just scroll down to June 2nd. =)

oh, and the bangkok photos are at http://flickr.com/photos/t-time


2 thoughts on “My 4e2(:”

  1. thanks jeramy! LOL. i know! she came home with painted nails! yes, she went for a manicure, and she’s not even three! haahhaha! 😀

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