and so.

and so  I’ve been a pig today. Waking up at 11, showering at 1230, took a nap at 3, woke up by 5, ate banana fritters, showered again, ate fermented mango and now i’m typing. wow. madness. so i think i’m gaining weight. i havent been exercising for eons. DAMMIT. food at bkk was exceptionally hardcore delicious. the tom yam soup, the chilli. wooh. i miss them already. i practically ate rice everyday. i must be crazy. and at the breakfast buffet, i ATE EGGS. when do i ever eat eggs? i dont eat eggs. but crap, the eggs were heavenly. and they caused me to go do my private banking. i was gone for 5 days and so many things happened. hahaa. bloghopped and WOAH. its like i missed half my life back in singapore. but anyway, i felt touched when jeramy said the friends gang in class missed me. awwww. and you know what? I KNOW JAIRUS MISSES ME! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHHAA! i miss the friends gang too! i mean the whole sarcastic thing and stuff. and of cos, WAHIDAH MISSES ME! hahahahhaha. hiakhiakhiak. and i miss wahidah toooo. bila mau keluar jalan babe? and and, afiq asked me to support him this saturday for his football match at tampines safra. AND rhel updated me on hanna’s condition. I hope she’s doing fine. Liyana and i wanted to visit her last friday but apparently she was already transferred to ttsh.

after this trip i kinda realise that there are so many things and people that dont deserve my absence. yeah sure i’ve had rough times with some. but hey, real friends reconcile and bury the hatchet. I may not be much of a difference to some, but they’re so many others who still enjoy my company. many others as compared to ONE piece of worthless crap? I’d pick the many others. cos the many others who are special, unlike the ONE piece of crap who just ruins my day all the time, shine and twinkle like stars. since the ONE piece of crap isnt a star, doesnt twinkle and shine, AND which isnt special, i should just shut it off. i’d rather spread my joy and my lame jokes to those who matter. like how Kak Dira says it “be who you are and say what you feel, cos those who mind dont matter, and those who matter dont mind”

I love the friends gang in class.
I love Jairus Ang, eventhough he’s such a pain in the ass 24/7( In a friendly manner, pls. haha)
I love Nur Wahidah Samat.
I love The Whole sec 4 gang.
I love 4e2.
I love Superfour.
I love my family and cousins and aunts and uncles.
I love most of my juniors…. hahahaha.
I love my Supernova pals.
I love my Peer Support Leaders.

See, compare those special stars to a piece of shit.
Which one do you think I’d pick?
Of course the stars.
Cos its no use getting emotional over a stupid prick who’s full of shit.

unlike the stars, he’s like the number zero.
Infinity means special, but what for if its hollow.
For every word he said, i believed.
then down the road, i came to see
All of it was to make a joke out of me.
Torn and tattered, i stood up.
I kept falling, and i was stuck in a rut.
Then i realised that he was worthless.
Not worth to be angry at, what more my tears.
He is a human symbol of zero.
Indeed, he is worthless and but of course hollow



3 thoughts on “and so.”

  1. yay! Hafir loves me too! hahahaha =) thanks, buddy. u always listen to my whines online. LOL
    wahidah: hahahhaa. omg. how can i not love youuuuuu. grrrrrr. hahaha 😀

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