everything will be okay

school ended at 1230 today. and continued again at 2.30 at 4.45 i was on the bus to tampines swimming cmplex. put my bag in the locker and swam. swam for 10 laps. clouds started getting darker. so i decided to stop and shower. so i thought after a very tiring day, i should treat myself. so i treated myself to the usual- caramel frappe. yes, i’m addicted to that thang. so i plugged in the mp3, and walked. and so. something spoilt my mood. i saw something. i saw something i reallyreally didnt wish to see. just when i wanted to take a step forward, i realise i’m one step back. and i’ll have to go forward again- somehow. i didnt bother being the observant person that i usually am. nothing was gonna stop me from getting my caramel frappe. so i went in, looking confident. ordered my caramel frappe. waited for the dude to serve me. paid. didnt even bother looking anywhere else but the door. i left. and i bus-ed home. something urged me to sit down for awhile near th house. so i sat. smsed enn and iddy.

so that was my day. ended pretty drastic though. today left me feeling sick and not really well. Embak said she pities me these few days. cos she thinks i’ve been too busy that i’m starting to look really tired. hhmm.

there’s no use in trying when the pieces dont fit anymore.


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