dont waste the sun on a rainy day

truthfully, i liked today. school was fine. didnt feel that sleepy. understood what ms cai taught me about amalgamation. so yeah. everything’s cool i guess. i’m actually thoughtless right now. i usually have loads of things to write. but somehow, i dont really have anything much to say. but here’s one thing though.

you’re 5 years my senior, and even though you’re WAY OUT THERE, I’ve always seen u as a really nice person with a big heart. Nobody would have like come all the way to my house just to make sure i was doing fine when i was having boy troubles. And bitching with you is like totally fun-ner than bitching with anyone else. I’m just touched when u say u kinda miss me and stuff. cos i miss you too. like the random blading outings, or the swimming outings. i’m glad we’re talking again cos i cant stand the awkwardness anymore, y’know. it has just gone to a level that like is getting totally unbearable. i’m like so relieved that all of the fighting and the war of words and the cold shoulder thing is over. and i totally miss telling you stuffs that i dont usually tell other people. so yeah, i miss super four, DUH. haha. and yeah. i just miss all the fun times we had, y’know. and indeed, you ARE the big sister i never had. the wacky, lazy, kental, slenge big sister i never had. so cheers to a fresh new start (:

and the new start, with everything, has so far been great. but i just know its gonna get better. still healing but hey, all wounds heal. it just takes time. so thats pretty much it…

i left. I bet that answered your prayers didnt it?


good luck, buddy. good luck.
no, seriously. 


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