hate is a strong word. but i really really really dont like you

I’m 24 hrs away frm malay o levels. I’m like super nervous. brrrrr.

my plans to blade to pasir ris park this morning was cancelled. cos the weather was neither here nor there. so here i am, at home, watching cliche indonesian dramas. haha. oh well. i better do some revision for malay. still contemplating whether or not to go for class. cos like, wahidah’s nt going. and i need to study. we’ll see (:

I had fun at granny’s house ytd. we sang, and laughed. hahaha. even wizzy sang! HAHA! shocking, yes? and of all the songs; cinta dalam hati. i asked him to tutor me physics. hehehe. And i think i forgot to mention, Kak Dira is pregnant with th second niece! šŸ˜€ next week i’ll be able to spend time with my darling Aniqa cos she’ll be going to bangkok with us. (winks) okie dokes. better start some revision.


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