I will shine on, for everyone

today was fun! a day out with the girrrllllssssss. wooooo. liyana and farie. so we headed to kinokuniya to see if they had the book i wanted to get- he’s just not that into you. they had it. but it was expensive. so we moved to borders to see if they had it there. they had it. but it was like crappy. so i thot of getting the one from kinokuniya. so we went back there. on the way there, we stopped by at forever 21. window shopped. wee. when i got back to kinokuniya, i figured the contents of the book werent rly relevant. so i decided not to get it. so we walked. and walked and walked. all over town. hehehehe. went to see wallets. and we even went to far east where we bumped into frans and fida. after a long day of walking, we treated ourselves to caramel frappe and cheesecake and Mc Cafe. ok la. i know, like got no class. but anyway, starbucks doesnt have any halal certificate. God knows what they put in the frappes and drinks. So Muslims, dont anyhow buy. but the caramel frappe tasted goooooood. and we talked about school, and past relationships, and other people. hahaha. what normal girls do. heee.

omg. i’m so happy i went out with the girls today. we all have our own opinions and we LOVE shopping and window shopping. chillax walking. no complains, no nothing. just pure girl time, pure window shopping time. so yeah. we should do it more often! today’s outing was the best, yo! thanks farie! thanks liyana! yay! more outings, yeah?
heee. blessed to have classmates/ girlfriends like them. heeee. sarcastic, in your face. omg. we can make a megazord of sarcasm. hiakhiakhiakkkkkkkk.

3 words; i love today 😀


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