interesting day, interesting day xD

God knows how lazy i was to go to school today -_- i was sleepy. kept dozing off during geog. luckily mrs lee didnt go “TIARA. GO TAKE A WALK” hahaha. i kept nodding off during lit too. and yeah, its true. Mdm Noreha might not be teaching 4E1, 4E2 and 4E6 anymore. THIS IS UNFAIRNESS! You mean to say we dont need Mdm Noreha?! She made all of us improve so much, and now there’s gonna be a change? ON OUR LAST MONTHS IN SCHOOL? Outrageous. What if we deprove? Huh? Ever thought of that. and because of this, I HATE MY SCHOOL. for real. ok maybe not the school. i hate the people who make these lame, full-of-shit decisions. I asked E1 and E6 to sign for a petition, all of them are afraid. honestly, i am too. but what the hell. we need mdm Noreha as much as E4, E5 and E3. crappy. so very crappy.

after school had malay lessons. luckily the drama peeps were using the MM room at 3.30 so that meant only 45 mins of lesson! 😀 so i was spared of the agony. random news that was loudly broadcasted after the lesson. i knew i wasnt supposed to be there = but in any case, i’ll be updated. laaadeeedaaaaaa. its not rly a happy day as it may sound. cos i wanted to go swimming with potts but she just got home =.= wanted to go blading, but i wasnt feeling fresh and driven. so i slept instead. now, i think i can stay up to watch american idol! DAVID COOK! DAVID COOK! hahaha. ok people.

rocks on socks.

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