Everyone has a photographic memory. Some don’t have film.

yesterday was emotional. Daddy was proud of me for speaking my thoughts about the situation. he asked me to say something, so i did. and i thought what i said was sensible and plausible. Daddy said i did a good job. Thats a plus point.

So here’s the deal that son of a gun cheated on my cousin for 4 damn years. My cousin trusted him so much, and he was so loving to her, that she never suspected anything. there was even a picture! now i wonder. Are all men like this? You just get sick of one person, and u go find another? just put on a facade, and have the best of both worlds? Is that it? Is that what you guys live for? And the 6 year old kid goes “I miss you, Ayah. Why didnt you return my calls? Ayah, Do you love me?” Imagine that.

I just hope for the best. I pray that she’ll stay strong, and be patient. And i hope that she’ll always remember that Allah is always there to listen to her. Insya Allah.

Okay. I’ve got 3 malay essays to finish, together with some practice papers.
I dont know how i’m gonna do it, but i have to. Malay O levels are in a week.
And if i feel like it, Imma blade to Pasir Ris after i’ve finished all my work.
Damn malay revision shite. everyday one essay. u think i’m some robot or what. grrrr.

rocks on socks.

PS: Yeah. some just dont have film. No wait. some actually say words that are actually meaningless.
Funny how there are still people like this around. Bummer.

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