The pain inflicted upon me covers my emotional pain :D

Sexy palms, baby! hahha.

The knee injury is just a scratch (Winks)

yesterday i went blading. Today i went shopping, took a motorbike and went cycling with daddy!
Wizzzzzzaaayyyyyy sent me to Aljunied. Took mrt from there and met mummy at tampines. hahahahaha.
Upon reaching home i told daddy i wanted to go cycling. So he brought me to the off road bike track at tampines. DOPE SIOLLLLLLLL! hahaahhahaha. Ok la. I fell twice. hehehehe. but the hills were damn steep la. then going down the hill required balance and controlling the brakes. i’m a happy kid, yo! hahahaa. damn fun ar. i spent time with mummy and daddy. For sure, i’m going to that track again. and the pain was awesome, yo! totally covered up my the agony in myself. I love my mum and my dad. And abit of wizzzzy. ahahhaha




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