dead beat.

I’m starting anew.
This morning i was awakened by Grease. (happy smiley here)
watched it, said goodbye to mum and dad. i lazed around a little longer.
then i showered, and got ready for my first time blading to pasir ris park.
It was fun la! Kudos to afiq for giving me the idea. hahahahah
Well, i did stumble a little, but i didnt fall. Alhamdulillah. And when i finally reached pasir ris park i was like
YESSSSSAAAA! woohooooooooo. after i reached one end of the park i ate my granola bar and headed back home. i was dead tired when i reached home. and i got a tan! hahahahhaha. dope shizzzzzzzzzz.
then i took out all my savings to buy myself THAT Puma bag. Met Iddy at tamp mrt station at 1245 and headed for class. class was boring. iddy kept sneezing. hahahahah. i didnt rly pay much attention to whatever was happening in the class. i just wanted to go home. cos i rly want to sleep. hahahaha.

though i feel like there is something amiss, i dont know what is it. I told Iddy, and she gave me a worried look but said “no tiara, its just your imagination. Nothing is amiss”
So i believed her, and yeah. Nothing is amiss.


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