It’s alright, i’m okay. i think God can explain.

The numbing sensation sucks pig nuts. talked to afiq ytd. he was having some crisis. helped him out, and Alhamdulillah he’s back on track =) so thats something tht i fl good about. i helped. even if it was a little. told him my problems. and he was shocked. Lol. but yet, he listened, so okay la. lightens my burden a little.

parents leaving for batam for the day tmr morning. so i’ve got the house to myself all day. woohoooo. i can run around being smelly. hiakhiakhiak. ok no. haha. i’ll go to agama then go to pasir ris to be with the other children. I’ve got 3 malay essays to write. so impossible. grr. but for the sake of mt o levels! -_- being in a cab makes me emo. oh what the hell. hahaha. what matters anyway. on monday i’ll be going on a date. xD
With Abang Is! LOL. mummy wants to blanja him for his belated belated bday present at esprit. then after tht Mummy go hme take train, i take bike! hahahahhahahahahaha. these kinds of cheap thrills keep me going man. Abang Is macho ok. dont anyhow. i asked  him to tutor me in physics. heeee (:

Family gathering with Daddy’s side on monday at Abang Iman’s place. I dont know whats gonna happen there, seriously. arguments? emotional breakdowns? Honestly i’m worried. My family aint in a good state. Sigh. Nevermind.these are all tests by Allah. Insya Allah, i can do it. Amiin.


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