my days are absolutely gray

I was emoing all the way home from granny’s place. sucks pig nuts man. I chatted with Mimi today! Hahaha. Miss that dude. And I was so bored that i talked to Mirun cos he was bored. eeeew. i feel like sighing all the time. SIGH. seeee. i did it again. tmr is a 1 hr paper. then i’m gnna meet iddy and watch ayat ayat cinta. I’m sick and tired of feeling numb. I need to cry. If that doesnt make me cry then i consider myself emotionally retarded. Excited for tomorrow. yippee. Alrighty. Mother’s Day was spent slacking at home. NYAHAHAHAHAHA. supposed to have lunch at swensens but daddy was too engrossed watching this series called SHARK. pretty cool show. About lawyers. so in the end we just went to granny’s place and i brought the laptop cos nenek wanted to see some pics. After i ate i ajak-ed the 2 kids to go macD and use the internet. kauz. i was that bored. HAHA. loser siol. ok. gots to go. I think i’m turning in for the night. and mummy wont stop singing fantasia bulan madu! oh well.


eh my mother cool ok. fantasia bulan madu knw. yah, and i get my kentalness from her. hehehe.
come on man, without my kentalness, i would not be known as TIARA. if i’m not kental means THATS NOT TIARA! ITS AN IMPOSTER! (GASPS) ok. i’m just bored. self entertainment. its fun. try it.
ok i shd seriously stop the randomness.
Alrighty then.

bye babies



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