Mummy, I Love you

My best friend, My enemy, but most importantly, My Mummy ❤


Skipping lunch to make Mummy that was worth it. To hell with buying bears. I’ve got a memoir of myself growing with her beside me teaching me how to be a good person. My Mummy is the most treasured person in my life. For without her, I would not be here. Time passes by, and you wont know when the time will come when you cant be with her no more. so treasure your mothers before its too late. Appreciate them. When u rebel against them, reflect back what you did. Imagine if u kept rebelling, and suddenly u dont realise that that would be your last words to her. When Mothers get angry and say negative stuff, its all actually a prayer. It will come true. Love your mothers, people. yeah, they may get naggy and they wont allow u to do stuffs that you want. But all they want is for you to be safe. You’re their kid. Overprotectiveness is something natural.

My mum is freakishly neat, superly naggy, totally crazy over cleanliness and irritatingly sarcastic.
But then again, she showers me with love that nobody can give. She sings songs from Search with me whole-heartedly. She wakes me up every morning for school. She cooks for me when i feel lazy to prepare my own meals. heh. its like her life is so devoted to me. And to think i’ve hurt her many times. I’ve apologised so many times. but even how much i apologise, its never enough. Its never enough to repay back what hardship she has gone through to bring me up to be a good person. I regret making her angry sometimes. But we as teenagers have our own ego. To those who keep saying they hate their parents, or hate their mums or dads. i think you’re so damn bloody stupid. Even how much trauma they have given u, they’re still your parents. The ones who brought you up. respect them. Love them. Shower them with the love they gave you, and still give you. There is not one parent on the face of the earth who hates their child. Even if they do, its all just an act. But in actual fact, they do have a soft spot for you.

I love you Mummy.
Times 10 to the power of Infinity 😀


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