let go.

Mother’s Day is tmr. I havent done anything. and i mean ANYTHING. so i got some inspiration from Party Planner With David Tutera. I need to buy my supplies and grab some photos ASAP. Meeting potts and del at 2.30 to get the stuff and then we’re heading to her place to do my thang. i have yet to plan it out and list out what i need to get. And i hope i have enuff cash that i have saved since 2 weeks back. so anyway, caught up with shah on th phone ytd. i wasnt feeling too good so i just rang him up to ask him whatsup and just listen to my rantings. Had a good laugh. hah. Then i spent the whole night watching superhero movie. i slacked the whole day ytd. so today i’m gonna study accounts for awhile and i’ll be going out at 2.30 so i figured out what i’m gonna do. and i’m confident of it. oh and i caught up with fuad and hamzah too ytd. honestly, i miss Abang like alot! hahahaa. and he recognised del from her performance at tpjc. so thats it for today’s post. maybe i’ll post later at night or sth.

rocks on socks.


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