brain blast!

as stated, i was supposed to do intensive studying with wahidah. however, she couldnt make it. and  when i received her sms, and realised that she missed called me 6 times, i was already ready. haha. so luckily i remembered afiq asking me if i wanted to head to the airport to study. since i was already ready, i met afiq at the airport. studied at BK, and lemme tell u, i have never studied this much for a very long time. i regret not starting my revision earlier, but anyway, i did manage to cover loads of things. and i’m suprised that i actually knew most of my stuff, and i just needed to brush up on some parts. Hopefully my 2 days of intensive mugging will pay off. yesterday i spent the whole night studying ss. and after i came back from the airport today, i studied ss again. scribbled everything i knew on the whiteboard. and erased everything. and started all over again on a new topic. and erased everything. and the cycle went on. after which i flipped through the chemistry book one more time. and one more time through the social studies books and notes. i didnt pay much attention to healthcare and bonding singapore though. i have to admit, i will have trouble for the mole concept. While helping afiq in chemistry i also revised in a way. so yeah. crazy day today. and yesterday. so lesson learnt, never do last minute studying. seriously. if u cant take it, you’ll like, lose your mind. i’m panicking. hahaha. just hoping for the best though. good luck for the mid years people. dont last minute study. lol.


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