Social studies in one night

My eyes are already droopy from the relentless digestion of social studies. I feel intoxicated with food. for the fact that we’re kinda facing a shortage of rice, i think i’m the monster who has been eating it all. I ate 4 times today. talk about my slim figure. wonder why i dont get fat (high metabolism rate) my butt has been on my beloved orange swivelled chair for 3 hours now and i dont see why i should be complaining because i’ve had the luxury of experiencing sitting on a chair for over 4 hours thanks to band. but anyway, my eyes are failing me, and the book seems to be giving up on asking me to stop facing the laptop and start studying. In actual fact, i started at 8. Hmmmm. Hard core study with wahidah tmr. YAY. at least something to make my day a little brighter. well, for a while. better than nothing right? I need to finish social studies by tonight. which means i’d have to burn the midnight oil. Ah, in these rare occasions that i consume caffeine. I hate the bitter aftertaste of coffee. but its the only thing that can keep me up and awake until i finish revising SS. tmr will be solely dedicated to chemistry, and chemistry ONLY. My day will start at 0900 am. so mum will have to wake me up at 0800 am. I am going to stick to this plan. Even if i sleep at 4 am in the morning today, which is unlikely. Lets see. next saturday i’m gonna have a get together at Abg Iman’s place. (for i dont know what reason…. a new addition to the Dusqie clan maybe….Hmmmm…) But anyway, i’m excited to get together with my dad’s side. we rarely get to meet. My ‘break’ is ending in 8 minutes. which means i’d have to start studying again soon. I feel driven.



But, there’s something missing.

oh right,







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