hingga hujung waktuku

Fun Fact #1:

Went for class and had lunch with Amalina Sulaimi and Azimah. Saw 2 belia 2 girls smoking… IN TUDUNG… I wonder if they were actually sane, cos they were wearing tudung, y’know. Like, whatever happened to innocence? kauz.

Fun Fact #2:

(ok. i only have one fun fact)

Tonight, the midnight blue sky seems so clear. The street lamps light up the roads. Corridor lights from the opposite block makes the night brighter. Looking at the traffic lights change from green, to amber, to red and back to green, i’m reminded by the facts that things change. Some take a long time to change, like some traffic lights, which decides to be bitchy and make me wait under the hot sun while waiting for the green man. But some changes in less than 2 minutes.

The weather- Its unpredictable. Face it, you can never tell whether its gonna rain or not. One day, my ever so dull days got painted by the most talented artist. And on another day, the colours just fade away. One day, I’d be smiling from ear to ear. And suddenly, I find myself sitting on the toilet bowl, crying my eyes out. My heart shrinks to the size of a pea. Unpredictable, these things are. However, like a tree, or a natural sculpture created by God, you’ll stay right there. You wont budge and you wont move. Not even an inch. Snow, hail, blizzards, storms, hurricanes will never affect you. Implanted on the ground, you’ll stand there.

I watched an advertisement this evening. It said “With NETS, you can make time stop”
So If i apply right now, will i be able to stop time and leave it just as it is?
Dazed, I woke up to a bright beautiful Sunday morning. I felt happy. The sky was uber blue. And the sun was shining as bright as ever. I thanked God for allowing me to get to see this beautiful Sunday morning. Like traffic lights, it changed. No, it didnt rain, or turn gray. i was the problem. I spoilt the Sunday. I found myself building sandcastles, without sand. Ustazah told me to read a verse from Al- Wafi and i didnt even bother trying to read it. I kept saying i couldnt do it. Ticktockticktock. Time for lunch at macs with Amalina Sulaimi and Azimah. Amalina got irritated at me for not wanting to eat. I went off at 4. And by 530, the parents and i left for tampines mall. Didnt go anywhere in the mall actually. just followed mummy to the banks. Talk about being patriotic, i wore red and white today. after the bank visit, we went to granny’s place. sadly, Aniqa didnt come. that adds up to the daze, cos i didnt get to hear her “I love you Aunty ra” ytd cos she was sleeping.

That wraps up my weekend. And no, I’m not sad, i swear.
Like the weather, I’m just feeling gray.
Somehow, i lost the paint.

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