Sarcastic, funny day. HAHAHA

I enjoyed the day in school today. From Mdm Noreha’s funny stories during english, and my sarcasm towards Syed during malay class, and my good talk with Liyana and Fariha on the way home. And i have to say this, Helmi is one matrep, one mat tappered that i respect. and he is the only matrep i respect. why? cos he doesnt think highly of himself. right right right. hahahahaha. and then, on the way home, Liyana Fariha and i talked about this year being our last…. And how cheesy juniors can be…. (HELLO. SUDDENLY THIS MORNING I REALISED I WAS MSN MESSENGER. =.=||) we had a good laugh… haaaaa. good times. i think 3 of us combined is like a megazord of sarcasm! HAHAHAHHAA. imagine the chaos.  hiakhiakhiak. alrighty i’m gonna be on the phone with iddy soon. turrrrraaaahhh babiiieeeeeeeeeeeeees


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