Strengthen my Iman, Allah. Amiin.

why hello fellow readers! Hahaha. So in the end, i did head to the library. wanted to read something about Shakespear cos i remembered watching a midsummers night dream last year… good times. my dress i wore for teacher’s day last year is put to good use. heee. improvision, people. and i got so frustrated. cos i couldnt find my 0.5 G1 Pilot blue pen refill. All times had were green and black. And most of them were 0.7 pffft. and guess what? POPULAR IS RENOVATING. kauz. that adds to the suckiness. i almost wanted to get the first Gossip Girl book. but i havent even finished reading shopaholic, so i guess i’ll finish that up first =) i refuse to take off my tudung cos i havent had enough of looking at myself wearing it =) oh! and on the way to tamp mall i met fida!!! omg. so long never see her man. haaaaaa. good times. sigh, dumb black ink. grrrr. i shall buy LOADS of blur pen refill from the auntie at Miltan tmr. I DONT CARE. and lemme tell u first, popular tampines is gonna lose ALOT of money from this renovation. tsk2. aite. I’m out. Its almost coming to maghrib, so i reckon i’ll take my dinner now (:

Kental, I miss you 😦





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