homework night

after emotional friday, i still get the saddened feeling that my wednesdays and fridays would be empty and be filled up with studying. i dont know if i actually will study in the first place cos when i have free time, i tend to catch up on sleep. hee. anyway, exam’s starting this friday. well for el and mt paper 1 that is. i’m feeling nervous. cos i really want my mid years to go well. however, i’m not so confident. gah. i admit, i havent been focusing well. dammit. but in any case, i’m still gonna give it my best shot. so ytd some carpenters came to the house to fix in my study table and the parent’s wardrobe. now i have a HUGE table in my room for me to study. i hope this table brings me happiness and joy. hahahha. but i was dying of boredom ytd. apparently they had to disconnect the modem, so i couldnt go into the net. and they were varnishing the tv console. so the tv had to be plugged out. yes, i was left with absolutely nothing to do. it was all chaotic and noisy. and the carpenters cming in and out. with the amount of sawdust and stuff. my goodness. i couldnt study orΒ  my hmwrk at all. the whole day was spent hearing the sounds of drills and hammerings. i wasted the whole of saturday doing absolutely nothing. this morning i woke up feeling fresh. after aΒ  nice sleep~ hee. but i still had abit of cleaning up to do -_- after i cleaned up, i showered and ironed my scarf. iddy didnt go for class tdy and she wont be coming for class next week too. AAHHH. THE BOREDOM! dang. i still went for class anyway. zzzz. bought some wrapping paper for the new shelves and drawers. hopefully its enough. was supposed to head down to granny’s place today. but i told mummy i had alot of work to do. so she allowed me to stay home. its so peaceful and serene~ haha. kental misses me. AWWWWWWWWW. hahahhaha. wanted to meet under my block for awhile but decided not to, cos i promised mum i was gonna stay at home. heh. i’m hving trouble doing POA. dang. and its so frustrating cos i relie2 do not know how to do this thing. ahhhhh. curse you, correction of errors. my arms hurt from typing really fast cos i wanna rush for maghrib prayers. kental is off to visit his friend in the hospital.

wooh. workout for my fingers and my arms. hahahhaha. i’ve never typed this fast before. ahhhhh! it burrrnnnsss! LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL. mugging season is on. weekends are too short for me. with the amount of hmwrk. alrighty. i need to pray and then have a lonely dinner and continue finishing work. AND THEN wrap the new shelves. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. i can do it. I’m superwoman.


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