And i’m officially NOT the QM

Last few hours…
Rhel, Farie and Me. Farie looking oh so sweeeeet! 😀
My Baby =( (the baritone)

 The SaxaphonistsIn Full Uniform, babyEast Spring Military BandThe Guys and I
Riduwan and I; Farah, the new Band Major

Firdaus, the new Drum Major; Nasuha- the New Secretary/ treasurer; Ashikin- My successor

Baby, I’ll always remember you. I love you baby.

Mai and I

My Successor

Syam and I

Enrica, Michelle and i

Zahran and I PS: zahran’s secret admirer (actually not secret ah) , DONT JEALOUS. HAHA.

Midzi and I. and the other photo is meant to irritate other people. cos i know i’m cute. HIAKHIAKHIAK.

Well. today was it. game over. My passed on th new QM book and i passed the keys to Ashikin. It was hard to part with the keys. And i didnt get the chance to use the new book =( Initially i wasnt crying. i was calm and collected. Even when i said my last few words to the band. The juniors were already crying. Jared was already crying. But i wasnt. So for once i though i was hollow inside O.o hahaha. But however, i wasnt. Cos after the fall out, suha came and hugged me and she started crying. She was the closest to me in the section, so finally, my feelings released its numbness effect and i cried. real bad. i hugged most of the sec 3s who were girls. i patted Firdaus on the back and wished him good luck. These batch of leaders will succeed in reaching ESMB’s goal of getting a silver next year. That, i guarantee.

I stepped down today. Before i left, i went into the band store for one last time. As i stepped in, i remembered the first time i got my saxaphone. I started to cry. I started reminiscing the first time i signed out my first tenor saxaphone and lugging it home. I opened the box to my baritone and i started crying real bad. I’m gonna miss complaining how heavy the baritone is. I’m gonna miss complaining how i cant find my stand. I’m gonna miss how i want the band store to always be neat and tidy. I’m gonna miss kicking the doors of the band store cupboard to close it. I’m gonna miss the keys. I’m gonna miss switching off all the air con in the music room. As i walked out of the music room today, i was walking out of an experience so great, so memorable that it’s inexplainable. from SYF, to saying goodbye to Mr Samuel Tan, to saying goodbye to my seniors (Fuad, dann, fida, khai etc), to welcoming my juniors, to making funny jokes and spreading laughter in band. everything. it was worth it. definitely

to my juniors: All the best for the upcoming competition. You know that all of the seniors will be there to cheer you on. Dont be sad that we’ve stepped down. But be glad that you got the chance to have a bond with us, like how glad we are to have met you guys. perservere on and dont ever give up.

to the comm members: never underestimate your capabilities. never think that its impossible. cos ultimately, everything IS possible, if you want it to. we gave you the responsibility and the rank because we know that you guys can make us and the band proud. we’ll always have confidence in you. so always have confidence in yourselves. it may get rough, but hey, thats what will make the ride worth while. to knw that you have conquered a challenge makes you feel satisfied. you did something no ordinary person could do. And that makes you extraordinary (:

good luck for your future endeavours, ESMB. Be a band with one bond, one sound. Be a band filled with love and determination. Be a band with the power to prove people wrong. Enjoy making music and enjoy your days as a member in ESMB. You wont regret it. and THAT i can reassure you.

As for seniors, this is it. Work hard for the Os and the Ns. perservere, people! we’ve served our time. now, its the junior’s time to shine =) keep smiling. always.


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