Last band practice, serving my last days as the Quarter Mistress of ESMB

Yeah. It was tiring. but on the bright side and dark side, its my last band prac. so what use is there complaining. hahaa. anyway, i think i’m gonna miss complaining about QM stuffs. haaaaaaaaaaaa. i feel happy yet sad. wah. so complicated. Lols. Basically Mrs Mohinder said our playing was good. I have to agree ah. it was way better than last week. and i reckon we can knock the feet of those eating on friday 😀 hhmmm. excited yet sad that friday’s coming. my last performance.

I’m gonna miss you baby. I may not be able to hold you close anymore, but i want you to know that you’re the best thing i ever met and got to know. I’m sorry if i hurt you and showed that i dont treasure you. but i really do. i would never trade my experience with you for anything else. Friday will be the last time that i’ll get to hold you close, and call you mine. cos soon after this, you’d be someone else’s. and all i can do is look at you and think back the fun times we had spent together. i abandoned you many times, and i’m sorry. but i want you to know that you’ve always been the one, baby. always. Baby, you know i love you. Always, forever and ever. You’ve been so nice to me, not giving me trouble. You never brought me pain, all you’ve given me is pure bliss and joy.
Baby make sure you take care of yourself. You’ll find someone new. Just know that you’ll always have a place in my heart. Always.

I love you baby











What? A guy? HA-HA.
Its my baritone, dammit xD

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