Sleepy, sleepy day

i came to school feeling and looking like shit. i was damn sleepy. i think i fell asleep for 1 whole period of chemistry. yes, i’m that lousy. i forgot what mr teo recapped about mole concept. my eyes couldnt take it. all thanks to the dumb yellow pill and the cough medicine. and to add up to the nonsense, i didnt bring enough tissues. so i had to suck in all the excess snot for the last 2 periods. gross much. stayed back to help mr j with some int’l friendship day board. and i didnt know who the fuck was mdm aishah. turns out she’s the crappy librarian with the funny hair. she was all

Librarian: What are yall doing here? huh? making noise or reading books?
Me: Waiting for Mr j to come up to tell us who to help for the board
Librarian: So you’re supposed to help me? Why didnt u say earlier. I’m mdm aishah
Me: Sorry ah. I had no idea you were mdm aishah.
Librarian: i’m mdm aishah
Me: your name wasnt pasted anywhere anyway. how the hell would i have known that u were mdm aishah

Ahhhh. bullshit. went back home and had lunch. did my prayers. and i dozed off for an hour. i need to catch up with sleep. heeeee (: today was very monotonous. and very humid. i couldnt stand the humidity. pfffft. rehearsal tmr. and i’m still sick. dammit.

P/s: Okay kental, i updated…. Happy? Hahahhaha.

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