iddy’s dead skin

wahidah's dead skin.. FROM HER FEET!wahidah’s dead skin(s) eeeewwwww. got heart shape some more.



wahidaaaahh. and me.
kental, purple is still a royal colour pls 😀

i woke up at 9 to meet iddy at the gym at 10. guess what? when i arrived, she was still sleeping =.=|| so i went back home. haha. then met her agn to study. didnt go for class. heeeeeeee. kacau-ed kental while he was sleeping. hiakhiakhiak. okie dokes. turrah pple!



2 thoughts on “iddy’s dead skin”

  1. HAHA. sorry lah tiara tt i was still sleeping. I wont do tt again to you k, promise (:

    HAHA. MY DEAD SKIN COOL OR WHAT, Im grabbing th pics 😀

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