Contented :D

Indeed i am (:

you know that feeling that you once had. But you had to let it go. You miss it, but you know it happened because there was a reason for it. 6 mths down the road, you finally understood why. You finally understood why you had all the guts to do what u did. You finally understood why it can never work out. And you’ve never felt so blessed in your life. Cos all of it happened for a good reason. Something (or someone, rather) amazing comes along. And sweeps you off your feet. Gives you reality checks. And tells you to be a good person. you just know that all the hard shit that you went through is all worth while. Whatever happened came to me by suprise. After 24 hrs, i’m still dumbfounded. HAHA. I’ve never felt what i felt ytd for a long time. I forgot what it felt like to have someone to joke and crap with and the best part of it all is, he doesnt care how kental, or slenge or obit i look. Or how stupid my ideologies can be (Purple is still a royal colour to me, Kental. hee) OR, how boring and how much i praise myself. OR, how big my dreams can get (Like getting married in the middle of the road. HAHA) OR, how slow i run…….

I love you; 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week- as always (:


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