Do you believe in magic

Daddy left for bkk this morning. before i woke up. Lol. school was zzz. i fell asleep during mdm noreha’s class. hee. after that was lit. had to write a story on suspense. ooh la la. hahahha. after that had some sort of a short presentation. then left for MT. which was actually the time i could go down to get ready for IFD. yayness. Hahahaha. Wasnt that significant. but all in the name of entertainment xD the funky babies danced for us. ahhahaa. yay. and i had to dance with the other girls. wtf. hahaha. but oh well. its my last ifd anyway. Its okay Aini, you did a good job =) after recess, i didnt get to eat. pfft. so i trotted to class for chemistry. and guess what? we had extra 3 periods of math. dannnng. but somehow time flew really fast. soon, the 3 periods were over. then all the malay peeps from all levels had to meet at the hall. we got a scolding. cos apparently some malay boys and girls were caught making noise at a nearby block. Mdm Noreha’s speech was woah. If i had the guts, i would have stood up and clapped for her man. Lol. followed farie and rhel to get bubble tea. it leaked O.o hahahha. walked home with them too. sent farie to the bus stop. while rhel and i walked back. since he was walking back home. Haha. went home to makan. slack. and started revising abit of POA. i think i’m gnna fail. 4e6 peeps said it was hard = omg. if 4e6 thot it was hard. what abt 4e2 o_o aaahhhhh. crappy2. at 445 i went down and met kental 🙂 (UGH FINALLY AFTER 3 WEEKS -_-) off we went. ate with 2 of his friends. went back to my estate and slacked. (Insert happy smiley face here) hahahhahaha. winks to iddy.

got home, talked to iddy for awhile. and showered and prayed. had dinner and started revising.
Ok. I’m a happy kid.
ok bye.


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