Wasp Attack

Soooo. School was fine. Except for the fact i kept falling asleep during chemistry. suddenly i felt as if my head was so light, that i didnt know if it was still attached to my body O.o creepy much. i thought of not going for PE. but i havent done my shuttle run and sit and reach. so hell. i just carried on with PE. and it was funny. LOL. (inside 4e2 joke.) hahahhaa. slidey benny…. HAHA. you get what i mean.
i struggled not to be seen by some people. because honestly, i cant be bothered to help you find out how the WHOLE sec 4 batch knew about yr dirty little secret. I’m supposed to be the “kakak” and be nice and all. bt harassing Khairul Ashraf? he’s irritated too, y’know. sorry babe.

after school i rushed home. took my lunch and rushed off the bugis. alone. yes. alone. what kind of moronic idiotic son of a gun goes to bugis alone. hahahhaha. ok technically, not bugis. actually its the most random place EVER.

Arab Street.

yes, arab street. i went for a treatment for my acne infested face. the mother dragged me to go for it. so i just went for it. and No, i’m not some spoilt brat who’s bimbotic. i have wit and i have brains. yeah whatever, i lack beauty… yada yada yada… i know. but hey, i’ve gt a brain, 2 eyes, 2 ears, 1 nose, 2 hands, 2 feet which are fully functional. and i thank Allah for that. i’d  rather be ugly and have a nice heart, and be a strong Muslim, rather than be pretty, and have an ugly heart and a weak Muslim. really.

It was raining so heavily. and luckily i was wearing the perfect shoes 🙂 and luckily, i brought my umbrella. heeeeee. walked to the mrt station and trained all the way back to tampines. showered, prayed, and here i am, writing this post 😀 my cough’s getting worse. and i think i may be having a fever. aaahhh. bummer. alrighty. i’m off to eat. ciao people. 😀


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