can i rip my throat out and spray LOADS of water? PLEASE.

haaaa. Its good to know that the politics are getting lesser. YAYYYYYYYY 😀
there’re still politics, but y’know. its getting better. And yes, i wish my cough would get better. pffffft. i feel like turning my throat inside out. and like dipping it in some medicated water. or something. or even better- MOISTURISER. its really dry. haha. ok. moisturiser abit too much la eh. but srsly. i cant stand it. pffffffffft. hahaha. oh and i forgot to say that i sang during maths class. i sang somewhere over the rainbow. and everyone was like “eh sial la. tiara high siol” hahahhhaa. right liyana? =p and yeah, it rained in the afternoon. coincidence? (freaky face) and my voice today aint that melodious. it was HARDCORE rabaks. squeak here, squeak there. hahaha. i enjoyed it. but jun jie was all, prime minister-ish. i want milk. dumdeedumdeedum.

(goes to the kitchen to get milk. starts making jokes like “got milk?” and laughs at herself)

self entertainment. huhu.

and a random thought i had in school. well. not random la. cos farie was wondering how her wedding would be like. so i said

“If i get filthy rich by the time i get married. and if i’m filthy rich enough. i would pay LTA to block a road somewhere in singapore. and THATS where i’ll have my wedding. yes, right smack in the middle of the road. with the reception and everything there.” cool or what?! if only, i had the kechings. hahahaha. dope shit if i were to get married in the middle of the effing road. hahhahahahhh. like real only. and my grand entrance will be me and my future husband jumping from the sky. and we’re gonna parachute to the wedding area. woohoo! okay. too much dreaming. ahhahaha.

okay. enjoying my milk while reading a book. hoorah for books and chocolate milk! 😀


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