who stole the soul from the sun

its 3.30 and i’m back home from school. i was proud of myself cos i knew how to do the chemistry test. thats an achievement. it was an end to my Monday. And i guess it means that its a better day today. cos i managed to do my chemistry test. academically satisfied(for today) but personally blank. as always. hiakhiakhiak. I’m tired of school politics. everyone’s getting angry and everyone else. everyone hates this person because of reasons. stop it. like really. stop being so fucking immature and nonsensical. everyone’s so fucking self centered and egoist. everyone has their own pride- i know. SO DO I. but to let that alter ego of you to take over the bonds you’ve created with the people around you? i mean think about it. and ok. maybe this doesnt apply to just school politics. but other politics that has got nothing to do with the government. because of a ‘busted’ case that involves someone close to you, you start to accuse, and SLANDER, and can even go to the extent of breaking that friendship. everywhere i go, be it blog, or whatever, there is bound to have some conflict somewhere. and i’m sick of it. whatever happpened to being happy with everyone.

enough of the bullshit people. WHERE IS THE LOVE? gah.
So yeah. Let there be love.



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