Just remember I’ll be by your side


I woke up at 1030 today. dragged myself out of bed. i was tired the night before. lethargic, actually. i switched on the tv and what do you know; the sound of music 😀 so i lazed around watching that superb movie while eating breakfast. After which i went to shower and started revising for tmr’s test. I have to say, i’m proud of myself so far. clock struck12 and i still havent ironed my scarf. to the ironing board i went. i left for class. met iddy. bought drinks and headed up. after class we wanted to study at st 21 mac. but there was some party. so we shifted to tmart mac. saw fuad, amirun and shameer. but they were having their own fun, so i didnt want to be an extra there. some drama went on btw iddy and aslam. Lol. I swear, it was so WOAH. haha. anyhoos. its ok now. lols. iddy taught me one whole chapter on redox- ALL IN ONE PIECE OF MACDONALD’S TISSUE PAPER. yes, she is THAT amazing. and i understood everything. eventhough i was kinda slow. hehee. but i made it anyway. at 6, i rushed home to get ready to head down to granny’s place. blablabla. and here i am. somehow i feel monotonous. hmm.

tomorrow’s a new day. Please Allah, let it be a better day.
I’ve been having depressing days. Ironic, i know. cos like in 2 or 3 posts before this one i’m all happy. bummer. but no, tmr is a new day. new days are always special. or so i think. but i’m starting to lose that hope of “a new day” cos for the past few days, that was what i tried saying to myself after having a bad day, and it didnt work.

“come on baby blue
shake up your tired eyes
the world is waiting for you
may all your dreaming fill the empty sky
but if it makes you happy
keep on clapping
just remember I’ll be by your side”

I dont know how else to make you feel better. I dont know how or what it takes to get you to talk to me. I know you’re having a hard time. I cant make your troubles disappear.  but i can try to make your days brighter- only if you let me. Not the right time to say that i miss you, but i really do.


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