Supersunny day

I woke up today with the sun peering out from my curtains. I knew, that has to be good. Today has to be a good day. cos the sun is so bright. i dont know about later though. but anyway i’m happy that its a sunny day. hip hip hooray. you know how i said that i was banking on yesterday to be a better day? guess what? it was just as bad as the day before. holy moly. i’m hardly even smiling. but today will be an exception. ironically, although today is a bright sunny day- for me to go swimming, or go to the beach, or play frisbee, i will be spending my time inΒ the airport. why?

yeah, i wish i was leaving.

but no.

i’m off to finish up homework and revise for my chemistry test on monday. i reckon i can pass and do well, if i grasp the concept fast enough. hopefully.
I hope kental feels better.
Oh, and congrats to Maz and her bf for reaching one year πŸ˜€
Keep it up beb!
Haaa. such happiness. but i’m not really there yet. however, i’m still happy. hee.

or so i think…

alrighty. i’ll probably update after i get back from granny’s place.

rocks on babies.

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