So much for my positivity ytd. Sigh. I lost my blue pen after sfl. I cant do my homework. Wanted to go out to popular to get more pens. but. hah. i refuse to talk about it. makes me feel mad and really bummed out. i knew it. but then again, its unfair for me to feel upset. i just think that its unfair. but i dno. at times i feel like just crying. but thats like lame. haha. meeting started officially at 4. clearly, i was unhappy. didnt really talk and interact much today. cos clearly, i was pissed off. tried finishing off some hmwrk which i actually accomplished doing. snaps for that

after the meeting was over, i left the room and went back home. the sky was dark and gray. andΒ i keep glancing to see if i’ve receieved a message. sadly, i didnt receive any. so that made the weather in my head appear gray-er.
just when i thought my day would be bright yellow. it didnt. i dont think it even had colour today.
well, maybe a little. but it wore off. i guess i’m stuck at home again today. finishing up unfinished work.
and anticipating another day so i can go out.

no wait. how am i supposed to do work without a pen.
if only i was still supposed to go out today, maybe i’d have a pen. maybe, just maybe.

now, am i having post menstrual syndrome? hmmm. wasted my bloody time wearing lenses today. now i’m like blinking so much.

ok, byebye happy tiara. now i’m filled with melancholy. and its so irritating cos, i’m not supposed to be melancholic. i’m supposed to be happy. its always like that nowadays. the start of the day will be awesome. then later it will suck. OR it will suck first… then continue to suck more. talk about moodswings. if they are moodswings, then stop it.

I’m off. to finish up all the work i have left to do. maybe tmr will be a brighter day. or so i’m banking on tmr to be a better day.

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