Max Maths 4- Algebra II: ACCOMPLISHED! :D

yes, i finished algebra II in like 2 days! woohoo! eh come on man. its like an achievement!
ytd night was pretty bad. daddy got angry with me cos i forgot to return the dvds he rented.
and i swear i honestly forgot. yada2. my fault, as usual. sigh.
anyhoos. today has been better actually πŸ˜€ though i nodded off alot during geog and english.
hehehehe. i’m aiming to finish up alot of stuff today. wooh. and yah, i kinda went for band but left at 4. i told miss ong that i was having trouble coping with my sciences. which i really am struggling in. oh well.
i’m coming on friday though, thats a plus chop.
anyhoos. its really gloomy right now. and i just randomly felt like watching the part where ross and rachel break up. i thought that scene kinda resembled to mine, except the fact that i didnt cry or anything. but whatever rachel said in that scene was what i was thinking then (besides the fact that i was happy i was single again. HAHA)
if u guys wanna watch it, go to youtube and find “friends- ross and rachel break up”
anyhoos. that was the past. and i’m nothing but happy for him now. i mean, he’s like moving on! πŸ˜€ and as a friend, i can only be happy and wish him all the best. hey, thats what friends are for, right? πŸ˜€
recently i’ve been feeling really amazed at myself. no, not cos i’m self praising myself- DUH. but i think my decisions towards friends and the people around me have been fair and sincere. i know i’ve been ignorant (HAHA. ignorance is bliss…? hmmmm. i still think thats true) but i feel better each time i apologise if i did something wrong. and everytime i get to talk or even say hi to some whom i havent been really catching up with. even if its just a wave, or a smile, i feel better each time i do it. that has got to be something good, right? i think i’m finally getting back on track, Alhamdulillah. i realised how awesome my classmates really are. Be it, Mr. Holy Veggies a.k.a Monk a.k.a EMOnk a.k.a Jian en, or mr australian wannabe a.k.a hafizudin, or mr. british bacon a.k.a bacon and so many more! even jairus, my lovely partner, who’s irritating, yet helpful at times. jeramy, the computer whiz and photographer. jun jie, the prime minister. guo yu, the rat. hahahaha. helmi, the dude with the uber tight pants. syed, childish, yet smart. eldred, the ambassador. shi en, the smart girl. jasper a.k.a jasperm. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
now that i’m 16 and like, in sec 4, i truly realise that my classmates are so cool just the way they are. and i’m happy i’m in 4e2 πŸ˜€

oh, and ytd’s issue about azryl. guess what? IT WAS A JOKE. -_-
hahahahha. oh well. lols.

I’m just happy. cos everyone else is happy. happy with what they got, happy with whatever’s around them. just plain happy. isnt that great? πŸ˜€ and i’m nt being sarcastic, i swear. i’m really glad that i feel so positive now. since all the problems started rushing in, i kinda lost my confidence. but now i think its slowly coming back. like what miss salena said this morning “I choose to be happy. I choose to stay positive. I choose to learn from problems and mistakes instead of dread them.” yeah. i’m given choices. and i choose to be happy πŸ˜€

okay. this is partly contributedΒ cosΒ of theΒ Kental. cos somehow after he talked to me about some issues the other day, i kinda felt an urgency to stop being so whiny all the time. to stop telling myself that i suck. and to stop blaming myself, and giving all sorts of excuses. AND face the damn fact that i did a mistake, and stop blaming other people AND make something good out of it. i’m glad he woke me up, cos imagine if he didnt. I’d still be some ignorant little bitch spreading ignorance all over the place. hahaha.
thank you kentaaaaaaaallllllllllllllll :DD heeeeeeeeeee.

“I need inspiration, not just another negotiation”
-Way back into love; Hugh Grant & Hayley Bennet

One thing that i’m amazed about Kental is that he’s not only there for me.
and he’s not like other guys, cos he inspires me.
he paints my dullest days. and makes my brighest days even brighter. and together with that, i learn something new.
you wanna talk about being different?
see, THAT’S different.

haaaa. such a positive post today. I like today (eventhough its gloomy now, LOL)
Syukur Alhamdulillah πŸ™‚

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