No air.

Okay First and foremost, i would like to apologise to Azryl if one of my posts has somewhat made him feel insulted. I had no intentions of rubbing anything in. I swear. Sorry aite πŸ™‚

Back to business. Today was spent doing my malay project with farhan(princess), helmi, anas and syed. With an extra- Faiz. hahahhaa. it was fun. Lols. after that helmi and faiz had to go off cos they were havingΒ  match today. i went home with syed, princess and anas. i editted anas’s video cos it was too long to be sent via email to cikgu sabariah. Lols. Watched friends while editting. I also editted the layout of the blog. haaaaaa. I’ve got 2 tests coming up. And i’m happy that i understood Alkanes and Alkenes so far πŸ˜€ snaps for me! heeee. There’s band tmr. i got wind that the VP wants to listen to the band play. OKAY. OKAY. OKAY. fun fact numero UNO: band is not sounding good. seriously.

alrighty. i’m gonna go shower. and do some revision. tralalalaaaaaaaaa

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