They call it “Failure-ISM” -_-

I finished my malay karangan!
Yayness! 😀
However, i didnt manage to finish math.
Bummer- Hence, the title.
I’m at question 8 out of the 20 questions.
Yeah. Hip Hip Hooray.
Ugama was fun cos Iddy and i decided to buy cheezels.
hahahhaha! Lame shite.
Then while i was eating, Ustazah asked me to read a paragraph.
I was like Wait wait.
ahahhahaha. After class we headed to the loo.
And yes, snapped pictures.
Iddy got herself new headphones.
So now I’m tempted to call her Minah Deejay.
Ohya. and we decided to built an orphanage together.
And have the picture of us (as the founders of the orphanage)
at the entrance of it.
And lemme tell u, the pose aint that glamorous.

Got home and rushed to finish up the essay.
after which i got ready to go out with the parents.
Went to tamp. mall for awhile.
Then we cabbed to granny’s place where we had food galore!
I got too full to eat rice.
So i packed food home.
Slacked with vins and the 2 kids.
I got bored.
So i took pictures with Vin’s headphones.
They are D-O-P-E i tell u.
Like. WOAH.
Vins thot my pictures looked cool
Eh vins, my pictures only ah? Then me leh? =p
hahah. Kidding2.
Aniqa darling came today. Wooohoo.
went home at 930.
Here i am now. Rushing to do hmwrk ,but my eyes barely open.

After one week not meeting the kental.
I finally get to meet the Kental tmr!
Insya Allah.
but wait…..

I’ve got malay Oral tomorrow.
Bahasa BAKU anyone? ok.
To practice on my bahasa i shall speak perfect malay tmr.
And ONLY tmr.
After oral, rush back home.
Grab a bite.
Freshen up.
And offff iiiii ggggggggggooooo 😀
Tomorrow’s gonna be a happyhappy day.
Insya Allah

Alrighty. Imma drink milk and tuck in.
Pictures form today @ http://flickr.com/photos/t-time
bye you ungrateful little bastards!
(okay, you KNOW i was just kidding abt the bastards part right? LOL) 


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