Today started off with Solat Subuh. Which i found hard. Apparently during the night, I had 3 major cramp attacks. Back-to-back. I prayed with a bent knee. At 9, i woke up agn and got ready to meet Potts  at the MRT station. Trained to Bedok. Got my haircut, and Potts got her bread 😀 Bus-ed home to find that no one was at home. Mummy went out. But luckily she came back after 5 mins. Haha. Did Zohor prayers. Got ready. And went to Tampines to meet dad. After which, mummy and i went to take the train to orchard  to meet auntie lin, and the 2 kids. Walked2. Shopped2. Legs were killing me. hardiharhar. Headed down to starbucks. got myself Oreo cheesecake and shared Hot chocolate with mummy. continued walking till we could walk no more. bus-ed to suntec. Ovi bought her shoe. and off we went back to granny’s place. Imagine, doing all the shopping and walking, LIMPING. I looked retarded with a capital R. But hey. Anything for shopping! hahahhaa. It still hurts if i sit down too much and try to stand up. sigh. I got loads of hmwrk to finish. But I’m like. so tired. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. SIGH.  


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