I didnt fall asleep as much today! Yippe-dee-dooh-duh-dayyyyy! 😀 But, i wasnt paying real attention during POA. too excited for the fire drills that was gonna happen in 30 mins time 😀 hehehee. I got high during the fire drill. we were frm the library. and we all relax only walk. Like my father’s school. hahhahahaa. Then reached the field, i felt like running to 4e2’s assembly area. Oh, speaking of running, i didnt run for PE. Cos i passed 😀 I thought i got an A. but no. I got a C -_- I got a C by 1 min. ONE MINUTE. bloody ass. So next week, i’ll be running again. zzzzzzzzzzzzz. I have a confession to make. I’m losing focus on my studies. And i’m so damn frustrated with myself. Like seriously, I dnt like REALLY REALLY study now. My eyes are glued to the comp. Dammit. And I hate myself for it. Like, really. ugh. Anyhoos. band tmr. most probably i’ll drop by and leave cos i got some other things to attend to. Tmr, i shall spend my free time in between classes, revising sec 3 geog. So, that way, i wont lose so much time. 😀 Hey, its an effort. Kental’s feeling better 😀 ok frm tmr onwards, I shall revise whenever i can. yeah. for my own benefit. (do you realise that i’m smiling WAY too much? hahaha) Aite. I shall start revising geog now! Why wait! I’m not doing anything now! Woooh. Go tiara, go! Bye suckas!  xD


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