Yami Yoghurt Please

Went out with the mother and auntie lin and the 2 kids.
Where to? Arab street. My God. That place is zzzzz. Hahahha.
Some more the mak mak want to see everything.
Went to suntec. went to see the shoe i liked. too expensive.
headed down to novo. got myself 2 pairs of shoes. woo.
After walking around alot, Uncle Fendy a.k.a babatz picked us up.
ate my heart out at gramp’s place.
slacked and jakon-ed over the fact that Abang Is and I had the same phone.
Vins’s back! 😀
Then err. I took a nap.
Continued reading the book.
Sian. Watching how to lose a guy in 10 days.

It’s been sian-nish. The Kental is injured.
And it spells 2 words;

(And in my head I’m like “Who the hell am i to feel so worried and all.” Haha)

but its more of the 2nd one than the first.
Sigh please.

PS: imy 🙂

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