Just Plain Happy :)

school was dull- as usual. tmr’s Plans for step up 2 cancelled. I’ve watched it anyways. hahaha….
but visiting dhab tmr. insya Allah.
School started with english, where i fell asleep a gazillion times. Hahaha. nodded off. hiakhiakhiak.
actually i nodded off during ALL the lessons. hahahhahha. sorrrry.
Had extra 2 periods of geog. PHYSICAL GEOG, BABY! :DD
yyyyeah. something i’m good at.
ok. so. 
After school had lit presentation. And daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn.
HAHAHHA. Dope, siol. DOPE.
Woooh. Thats over. winks. got home. the house was empty. mbak left for rumah nenek at 3.
slacked, watched friends. LOADS of episodes. While waiting for some budak kental….. =p
hahhahhha. tick tock tick tock. then ok. go. 
went out for awhile.
tick tock tick tock.
went home. screamed my ass off on the way home.
(Ok. it was SO tak klakar lor! )
Hahhaha. Now I’m home. The phone’s beginning to die on me. And with that. I’m 
getting a new phone tomorrow.

Shall not elaborate about today 🙂


Okay. enough smilingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg



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