As usual. I reached school exactly at 7:01 am. As usual, i was sleepy. Forced myself to stay awake by reading a book. but eventually i nodded ff abit. Kental or what? Hahaa. Anyhoos. Today was funny. Well, i think so. Hahahahahhaha. First, Jairus Ang, My partner kesayangan (My beloved partner) had to cut his own hair. I was like O.O  And he really did it ah! Looked abit weird…. But can la… It looked fine to me. During Malay class, there has been an arrangement in the seats. Now, I’m sandwiched between 2 guys! 😀 Hiakhiakhiakhiakhiak. Azryl and Farhan. Lol. Ok perr. Then we had this pembentangan thing. Then it was nearing 1355. Yusrin was talking. I decided to take the risk and put my head down on the table. I fell asleep. Cheesy siot.  Then after the bell rang, i was like “Eh yus, sorry eh. Tadi kau bebual aku tertido ah =p” hahahaha. During band, i slacked. I played a few tunes on the alto sax. then joined with the rest of the saxaphonists.  They were slacking! Lol. We ended up talking about what we knew about each other. Suha was so freaked out when i knew stuff i shouldnt know. winks. Hahhaha. she was like “Sial la!!!!!” Hahhaha. I have my sources. Hehehehehe. Everyday is a sleepy day for me. LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL. My phone, got worse. I think its dying.  the spring inside the phone is jutting out O.o Like woah. i feel so scared to use it now. hahahahhaha. Anyhooos. long weekend ahead, baby!  Rocks my socks.

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