Built to Last

“But most of all, most of all its built to last” – Built to last- Melee. Some song i got addicted. thanks to some trailers of some wedding show -_- Now i’m hooked to it. I changed my layout. plain. but nyehh. I’ll see what i can do… heehehe. Anyhoos. this post is supposed to be random with a capital R. I’ve been bloghopping. As usual. And i happen to see so many people who want to get rid of their ugly boncet belly. well, i may just be your heroine! šŸ˜€ this sucks la. But seriously. Run.Ā  Everyone hates running (Lol. thats so general. there are some kental people out there who love running. hahhahaha…. dont terase ok =p) I hate running. But what choice do we have? You run away from rapists… you run away from bad guys… you run away from chasing dogs… you run away from teachers who are looking for you… You run all the time. hhahahaha. serious. i’m like not lying. thats how i got so sexy. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAA. (irritating biatch xD) i used to have a real toned tummy back in pri school cos i danced alot. then i slackened when i entered sec school. All the muscles became fats. then now, its back! Hiakhiakhiakhiak. Consider myself lucky. Hardiharhar. Okay. I shd stop being some GURU. ahahhaha. Cheerios peepos.Ā 

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