falling tree. falling crane. falling tiara

ok. today was (blank)  school was dope. finished my 2.4km in 15:10. cool or what. ahahhahahhahaa. farie had a minor asthma attack so she stopped after the 2nd round. i carried on alone. miss lim said my last 100 meters was good 🙂 hahahahhahha. of cos la. i sprinted mah. hehehe. the rest of the day was pure relaxation. shant go into details. got back home.  showered and prayed. chatted awhile. and here i am. awaiting iddy’s call. Haaaaaaaaaa. caught off guard, i think my heart ran off to batam 🙂 too. speechless. to. say. anything. shall. continue. to. slap. my. face. and. check. if. its. real.  see. you. all. later. haha.  


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